Prodigy Sports - National Executive Search

With over 80 years of experience in the sports and entertainment business, Prodigy Sports has quickly established itself as one of the industry's preeminent boutique executive search firms.

With thousands of deeply-rooted relationships with senior-level sports and entertainment executives and premier organizations, Prodigy Sports ensures our clients the most talented and best-suited candidate for their specific need and corporate culture, resulting in a seamless, thorough and successful recruitment.

Prodigy Sports constantly pursues and provides to their loyal clients an extensive candidate pool for every executive search they perform. Our goal is to search, screen, recruit and ultimately deliver a unique slate of recommendations with a wide range of years of experience, titles, compensation levels and demographic background. Prodigy Sports values diversity.

Having worked on various search projects and placement initiatives, Prodigy Sports is able to leverage in-depth professional knowledge and expertise to ensure the client a successful placement.

In 2017, Prodigy Sports announced the formation of a practice dedicated to esports This new venture brings our expertise and knowledge from the traditional sports business to the emerging and established esports industry. Prodigy’s aim is to arm esports organizations with top executive talent from a variety of industries, both inside and outside of the esports industry.