Our Search Process

Prodigy Sports is a national leader in sports and entertainment executive search and recruitment. We know successful executive recruiting comes from thoroughly understanding our client's culture, the business of sports and entertainment and having the extensive professional qualifications needed to fill any senior-level role.

Our thorough search process follows five distinct steps:

Step 1


  • Become thoroughly educated with client culture & position requirements
  • Advise on job description development
  • Convey search timeline
  • Create Job Board listing and execute Social Media strategy

Step 2

Research &
Candidate Pool

  • Preliminary Outreach -Applicant Tracking systems; Established network; Analogous searches
  • Provide initial list to client within first 7-10 days *
  • Commence introductory phone calls

Step 3

Prospecting &

  • Refine initial list based on client feedback
  • Continue outbound recruitment efforts
  • In depth interviews/vetting
  • Deliver recommended candidates within 21 days of initial list submission **

Step 4


  • Faciliate client interview process
    -Arrange logistics: phone/video
    -Participate as needed
  • Obtain client feedback
  • Determine finalist(s) for in-person interview(s)

Step 5


  • Complete in-person interview(s)
  • Conduct reference checks & background checks
  • Negotiate offer letter parameters
  • Release backup candidates

*At this phase, the list is a broad representation of qualified candidates, many previously screened by Prodigy Sports for other similar roles. Generally, direct contact with those listed has not been initiated.

**This can often vary (schedules; changes in initial spec of role; etc.)

***We continue the recruitment process until candidate is hired.