Client Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

Tim Harris
Chief Operating Officer
Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers previously engaged Prodigy Sports' assistance on a senior level search. We were very pleased with how Prodigy Sports conducted the process. Their efforts produced for us a highly qualified talent pool proving their deeply-rooted relationships within our industry. In short, we have always benefitted from their council.

Amy Latimer
TD Garden/Delaware North Companies

We recently engaged Prodigy Sports to fill several senior executive positions within our organization. From the beginning, Prodigy proved to be a true industry partner. They took the time to understand our organization, culture and job requirements so that they could turn around the most qualified candidates. Prodigy was timely, service-oriented and extremely thorough in their work. Their extensive network and industry relations turned up excellent candidates and in turn, excellent hires. We would, without question, use them again in the future.

Greg McElroy
Former Senior Vice President
Dallas Cowboys

I've known Scott Carmichael for over 20 years and know he has some of the more deeply-seeded relationships in the sports industry. It was for that very reason that the Cowboys engaged Prodigy Sports' for a series of new hires. The quality list of candidates, his thorough and comprehensive evaluations and eventual clear-cut recommendations played a major role in the Cowboys new star hires. We were extremely pleased with Prodigy's work and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Nick Baker
Senior Vice President Global Partnerships Sales

We recently partnered with Prodigy Sports for a very important senior executive level hire and proved to be a completely seamless experience. With their industry knowledge, professionalism and extensive network, Prodigy was able to quickly deliver a list of extremely qualified candidates, from which we hired our new Vice President of Global Partnerships. In addition, Prodigy was extremely adaptable to our occasional changes in the scope of our searches, and as a result, we've subsequently used them to fill multiple roles within AEG's family of companies. I highly recommend Prodigy Sports and look forward to continuing our strong partnership with them in the years to come.

Jonathan Treisman
Director, Global Partnerships & Media Sales
AEG Global Partnerships

I was introduced to the Prodigy Sports team a few years ago. What makes them special is how they take the time to truly understand your career journey, your unique strengths and the tangible value that you possess as a candidate. Even when we came close on a couple of positions, they never gave up and always kept me in mind for the next great opportunity. When the position with AEG Global Partnerships became available, Kevin jumped into action, made the interview process very straightforward and moved quickly to get an answer. I’m beyond excited to be here at AEG and taking my career to the next level. I couldn’t have done it without Prodigy!

Paul A. Blackketter
World Rowing Championships

The World Rowing Championships and Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center (SANCA) tasked Prodigy Sports with finding a senior leader to serve as Event Director for the 2017 Championships to be held at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida. The Prodigy Sports team worked collaboratively with SANCA and Manatee and Sarasota Counties to identify the key attributes that the Event Director should have. From developing the job description, to recommending nearly a dozen candidates, conducting detailed reference checks, and advising and negotiating the final offer letter, Prodigy Sports was calculated and thorough in their approach. We leaned on their expertise in the sports industry and executive recruiting space throughout the hiring process. We could not afford to make the wrong hire because of the nature of this high-profile, international competition, and Prodigy Sports made certain to deliver a top notch executive.

Ben May
Pocono Raceway

For over 5 years, Pocono Raceway has trusted Dan Rossetti and his team at Prodigy to assist in bringing fantastic talent and tremendous attitudes to our workforce. Their level of service and quality has been a tremendous asset for us, especially in the addition of our new Executive Managing Director, Partnership Sales and Service. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Prodigy Sports in the future.

Ricky Casady
Vice President of Box Office Operations
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

When I made the decision to work with Prodigy Sports for a second time to find my next career move, I didn’t realize I was making a choice that would make such a positive impact on my life and my career. I had a strong desire to move closer to family in Denver and Prodigy aided me personally to make that possible. Given their relationship with the Boston Bruins and Delaware North, I sought out their counsel on how to navigate the process confidentially without damaging their ties or hurting my standing with a world class organization. They gave me the boost and confidence I needed to take the next step to becoming Vice President, Box Office Operations with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. Their entire process was smooth from beginning to end but most importantly I entrusted them with the utmost confidentiality given I was employed, particularly by one of their long-standing, incredibly loyal clients. Thank you, Prodigy Sports!

Greg Morrison
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Raiders | Las Vegas Stadium

Scott Carmichael and the team at Prodigy Sports were fantastic throughout the entire process of getting me on board with the Las Vegas Stadium & the Raiders. Scott took the time to get to know me and my career goals and was a true advocate for me at every step of the way. The Prodigy team was incredible to work with, honestly the best experience I have ever had with a recruiting firm. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Prodigy Sports and I could not have asked for a better partner.

Jeremy Vaux
Executive Director of Securitys
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

With a deep background in the entertainment industry working with the likes of Taylor Swift, and in the hospitality space with world-class hotels, I had been wanting to get into sports for a long time so when Prodigy Sports approached me about the Head of Security position with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE), I couldn’t have been more excited. Although they were working on Kroenke’s behalf, rather than representing me in my job search, they were helpful, transparent, and supportive throughout the entire search process. I knew Prodigy had my best interests in mind and they were a true pleasure to work with. I’m grateful not only for my new position with KSE, but for the relationship I have formed with Prodigy Sports.

Michael Mossholder,
Executive Vice President, Global Marketing Partnerships
Ultimate Fighting Championship

I’ve known Scott Carmichael, Mark Gress, and the Prodigy Sports team for many years. I approached them with a unique challenge to find us a top business development executive with a focus on the Hispanic market. The UFC has an incredibly powerful global reach and this hire was crucial to the future growth of the UFC brand in Latin America. Prodigy made every effort to understand what we were looking for beyond the job description; they asked us questions that showed us their attention to detail and interest in understanding our culture. They delivered an impressive slate of final candidates for us to consider who had a wide range of experiences, skill sets, and compensation levels We respect their deep network in the sports industry, ability to evaluate talent, tremendous integrity, and transparent approach to recruiting. We look forward to future opportunities to work together!

Grant Paranjape
Director of Esports Business and Team Operations
Monumental Sports Entertainment

Having been investigating esports opportunities within traditional sports organizations for some time, I had the pleasure of engaging with Prodigy as they looked to fill the Director of Esports Business and Team Operations role for Monumental Sports and Entertainment. Not only was I impressed with their communication and the ease of the process, they truly understood the right questions to ask about esports and knew some of the unique nuances of the space. They are a world class organization who have successfully brought their traditional recruiting capabilities into this new and often uncharted space.

Todd Kline,
Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer
Miami Dolphins

I've known Scott Carmichael and his Prodigy Sports team for many years. We recently retained Prodigy to help fill a senior sales role for my team and could not be more pleased with our results. From the beginning, Prodigy Sports made every effort to ensure that not only the qualifications for this role were being met, but they also fully understood the culture of our organization, top to bottom. Their team knew each candidate that was put forward intimately and provided an in-depth understanding of each, to ensure the best fit was met for our needs. We thoroughly respect their extensive national network and calculated approach in the recruiting and hiring process and could not be more impressed with their diverse candidate pool and, ultimately, the executive that we hired was an absolute impeccable fit.

Michael Yormark
Former President/Chief Operating Officer
Florida Panthers/Sunrise Sports & Entertainment

One of our core organizational philosophies with the Florida Panthers and the BB&T Center is to find project matter experts when it comes to our most critical initiatives. When it comes to identifying, recruiting and hiring top-notch executives and sales professionals, Scott Carmichael and Prodigy Sports are the best at what they do. Their combination of professionalism, resources, relationships and ability are second to none in the industry, and I would strongly recommend their services to any professional sports and entertainment company looking for the best and brightest candidates for their open positions.

John Vidalin
Chief Sales Officer
San Francisco 49ers

I've worked with many recruiters and executive search firms throughout my career, but I've found Scott to be one of the best in the industry. He is as respected and genuine as anyone I've ever encountered within any business sector and always carries himself with a high level of integrity. Scott works hard on behalf of his clients to find the right "fit" be they team or individual. He is a results focused, detail oriented person with tremendous sports industry experience. This experience gives him a unique perspective on a team's needs and how to help solve them. I have worked with him in the past and look forward to working with him again soon.

John Knebel
Former Vice President / Managing Director, Corporate Partnerships & Business Development
Washington Nationals

  We've worked with Prodigy Sports on several senior-level executive searches and they consistently delivered an abundance of diverse and qualified candidates. Scott Carmichael and the entire Prodigy team thoroughly understand the sports industry - they know what it takes to be successful and what traits we look for in potential employees. Hiring quality, experienced talent is critically important and time consuming, but Prodigy Sports made the process seem effortless. They listened intently, understood our needs and organizational culture and then delivered a short list of qualified candidates, all of whom possessed impeccable credentials. We would definitely work with Prodigy again.

Brooks Neal
Director, Corporate Sales
New York Jets

  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dan on two placements, at different points and levels of responsibility in my career. What sets Dan apart in the industry is his thoughtful consideration of cultural fit in every opportunity he manages. He isn’t simply trying to fill a role, he’s looking to find the perfect fit with regard to skill set and culture for candidates and clients. Dan does a tremendous job communicating opportunities, being transparent and persistent, leading to a smooth interview and negotiation process.

Andrew Silverman
Former Senior Vice President
Miami Marlins

  Scott is a true professional at every level. From my many years working along Scott at the Los Angeles Kings during the Wayne Gretzky era, to his very successful tenure at the National Hockey League Offices, to his current role running Prodigy Sports, Scott not only has my utmost respect but my complete trust in recruiting the perfect candidate. I consider Scott a master of his craft and even more importantly a trusted friend and confidant.

Brad Kwong
Managing Director
Northern Lights Hockey, LLC

I've known Scott for close to 20 years and have always been impressed by his level of professionalism. Scott recently transferred his major league mindset and experience to help us with a couple of searches at the minor league level, something not as easy as it appears. His ability to understand not only the day to day demands of the respective positions but also the nuances inherent in smaller market opportunities made the searches much more efficient. In the end, Scott's service during the process, from our initial discussions on the positions, to the candidate identification and finally, the negotiations with the candidates was nothing short of excellent.

Urel Martinez
Vice President of Sales
LA Galaxy

Throughout the search process, Mark Gress and the Prodigy Sports team provided a seamless experience with effective communication and a full understanding of not only the executive-level position I was pursuing, but the culture of AEG and the Los Angeles Galaxy as well. Their level of professionalism is top notch and I would not hesitate to refer them to any hiring organization or individual looking for a new career opportunity.

Harry DeMott
General Partner
Raptor Ventures

We‘ve worked with Prodigy Sports on two occasions, filling two senior executive roles and remain very impressed with the quality of work they’ve presented to us on a consistent basis. Their ability to present results in a timely manner along with their professionalism and responsiveness to our company needs, made the entire process seamless and easy. Their extensive industry connections delivered top notch candidates and we could not be happier with the end results. We would highly recommend Prodigy Sports to others in the industry seeking the best-in-class talent to join their organization.

Andy Rawlings
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Learfield Sports

We’ve known Scott Carmichael and Prodigy Sports for a long time. They recently helped us hire several key positions for a number of our high-profile properties. We were extremely impressed with Prodigy’s level of service and ability to deliver that best talent that fit within our company’s culture and objectives. They exceeded our expectations and always kept an open line of communication; they’re very easy to work with. We highly recommend Scott and Prodigy to anyone in the industry looking for the best candidates with a quick yet thorough turnaround.

John Vidalin
Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer
Miami Heat

I’ve worked with many recruiters and executive search firms throughout my career, but I’ve found Prodigy Sports to be one of the best in the industry. They are as respected and genuine as anyone I’ve ever encountered within any business sector and always carry themselves with a high level of integrity. They work hard on behalf of their clients to find the right “fit” be they team or individual. They are a results focused, detail oriented agency with tremendous sports industry experience. This experience gives them a unique perspective on a team’s needs and how to help solve them. I have worked with Prodigy in the past and look forward to working with them again soon.

Jean-Paul Dardenne
Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
New Orleans Saints & New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans/Saints had a need for a senior-level executive to drive sponsorship revenue for both organizations. The team at Prodigy Sports provided several qualified candidates and aided us in narrowing down the search to one final candidate. They knew that candidate intimately and were able to help us determine the proper fit within the organization’s culture. Prodigy played an integral role from start to finish and we couldn’t be happier with the result of this hire.

Chris McGowan
President and CEO
Portland Trail Blazers and Rip City Management

Prodigy Sports recently performed a search for a senior level executive role within our organization. We had very specific requirements for the position and Prodigy delivered. They have proven networks within the industry and utilized them to deliver a pipeline of candidates vetted with multi-level recommendations. Prodigy was timely, service-oriented, and ensured a great candidate and customer experience which is vital in our industry.

Greg Bush
Vice President of Operations
Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby, sought an accomplished and skilled Senior Director of Operations to aid in event operations, facility oversight, and site development. Prodigy Sports worked expeditiously to recommend a diverse group of interested and highly-qualified candidates and assisted us in identifying the best fit for our organization. Their team did extensive research on the candidates’ credentials and secured crucial feedback which was instrumental in deciding between equally talented finalists. Prodigy Sports was very hands-on and responsive to our needs throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with our selection of a search firm!

Devin Johnson
Independent Director,
Board of Directors Chair

USA Taekwondo

USAT was extremely fortunate to work with the team at Prodigy Sports. They have a meticulous approach to assessing our needs and were helpful in pushing us to think beyond our job description. They felt like an extension of our team and not a vendor. I would not hesitate to work with them again and would recommend them to other NGB's who are looking for leadership.

Rishi Nigam
Vice President, Food & Beverage
Americrown, ISC

We retained Scott, Mark, and the Prodigy Sports team to fill various senior executive, director, administrative, and operations management roles at Americrown. Our core business calls for a consistent high energy output engineered with precision and that same execution was carried out by our partners at Prodigy to provide excellent candidates in an impressively short period.

Marty Greenspun
Senior Vice President, Strategic Ventures
New York Yankees

We pride ourselves on being one of the more progressive organizations when it comes to social and digital strategies, but we were in need of a deeply-experienced professional to fill a recently vacated void. The bar had been set high and we needed to continue our aggressive focus on these important spaces. Prodigy Sports, long a partner of ours, fully understood our immediate need and tight timing and quickly assembled a list of deeply talented stars. Prodigy’s candidate pool was so deep and talented, we hired two of their candidates knowing we would always be in need of experts in this expanding area.

Susie Piotrkowski
Head of Sales
NWSL Media

Dan and Prodigy Sports truly set the standard when it comes to recruiting. Dan was always available and injected a personal touch into a process that is often times stressful and nerve-wracking. I was able to communicate my non-negotiables early in the process and Prodigy's willingness to ensure I was comfortable and well represented was unwavering. Dan often acted as a sounding board, individually addressing all of my questions both personally and professionally. I will be forever grateful for the Prodigy team as without them, I would not be in my currently role and on the right side of history with the National Women's Soccer League.

Nicole Rissler
Deputy Director
Sarasota County

After nearly a year of searching for an Athletics, Sports Development & Turf Division Manager, we came to Prodigy Sports to assist in filling the role. We challenged their team to find someone who not only understood the science behind turf maintenance but also have the ability to build relationships in the community, make presentations to boards and aid in capital projects for the county. Prodigy Sports submitted multiple talented candidates with a diverse set of backgrounds and helped us to fill this role quickly and successfully. They aided us in all aspects of the search from updating the job description to scheduling interviews and conducting reference checks. Additionally, they showed care and understanding to each candidate. I highly recommend Prodigy Sports and their team to fill even the most unique vacancies.

Josh Kritzler
President & Founder
PCG Sports Desk

Adding senior level talent is our highest priority so we recently turned to Prodigy Sports to assist us in continuing to build our Global Partnerships team. The team at Prodigy was knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with. The wide ranging pool of qualified candidates they delivered was tremendous and allowed us to really hone in the best fit for us. I would recommend Prodigy Sports without hesitation and plan on using them again in the near future.

Russ D'Souza

SeatGeek was founded by a team of industry outsiders. 5 years into our journey we needed an Executive Vice President of Client Partnerships to help us build our brand and services within the professional sports industry. We partnered with Prodigy Sports in 2015, and we are so glad we did. Prodigy’s attention to detail was unparalleled; they fully grasped our start-up mentality and unique culture and provided constant communication throughout the process. Jeff Ianello has been one of the best people ever to join SeatGeek. We have since partnered with Prodigy on two other key hires and look forward to continuing our partnership with them for years to come.

Dan Gale
Former Executive Vice President, Sales

The team at Prodigy Sports was fantastic from start to finish! I was blown away by the attention to detail Prodigy Sports had in their process of placing me at Sportsdigita. They updated me throughout the entire process with detailed insights every step of the way. Scott and his team were great to work with and I highly recommend working with them in the future.

Steven Rauh
Sports Development & Athletics Division Manager
Sarasota County

Prodigy Sports is without question the most professional recruiting firm in the market today. It has been my goal for many years to expand my horizons in the industry of Athletics & Sports Management. Prodigy Sports helped make that dream come true for me. Both Mark & Arin guided me through the entire process of obtaining my new position. Their professional approach and excellent communication allowed this to be a very smooth transition. I would highly recommend Prodigy Sports to anyone seeking to fill positions within their respective realm of business. Thank you Mark Gress & Arin Segal for assisting me in advancing my career and providing me with this excellent opportunity.

Don Hutchinson
Senior Manager, Financial Reporting
San Francisco 49ers

Prodigy Sports brings a personal touch second to none when it comes to recruiting. Their thorough communication was instrumental in making the process smooth and the transition effortless. Prodigy took into consideration both personal and professional goals during our discussions to make sure this would be the best possible fit. I highly recommend Prodigy, not just for their expertise in filling sales positions, but adapting to the unique challenges of a financial role and knowing what questions to ask to ensure success.

Josh Brickman
Vice President, Business Strategy
TD Garden / Boston Bruins

Prodigy Sports was a tremendous partner in helping me land the Vice President of Business Strategy role with the Boston Bruins and TD Garden. Their knowledge of the Delaware North culture, the intricacies of this specific strategy and analytics position and the field in general, along with their familiarity of the Boston market were deep and meaningful. They were very communicative throughout the entire search process yet maintained confidentiality and showed discretion from start to finish as I was employed at the time by Monumental Sports and Entertainment and was not looking to leave. I trusted their counsel and believed in their ability to deliver a true win-win for their client and me, as a candidate, especially when it came down to final negotiations. While they are transparent and candid in their approach, I appreciate the respect they showed to me in their recruiting efforts.

Louise Murray
Senior Vice President, Business Operations
TD Garden / Boston Bruins

I have the utmost of gratitude and respect for the team at Prodigy Sports who helped bring me into the TD Garden family as the SVP of Business Operations. Prodigy was honest with me about the specific needs of TD Garden, but also made sure to communicate my diverse background with the organization. The team at Prodigy was always available to answer my questions in every step of the process and with their expertise and guidance, my transition into the role was seamless. I’m truly thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Prodigy and couldn’t be more thankful to their team.